Our Catenian brothers of Panjim Circle in India published the first copy of 'CATINDIAN' the magazine for ALL Indian Catenians in June 2019.  A new edition is published monthly. The button below will take you to the latest edition.


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BROTHER RICHARD MEADE R.I.P. - HASTINGS & BEXHILL (66) CIRCLE - We are immensely sad to acknowledge the sudden death of our Brother Richard Meade.

Richard suffered a serious stroke early on the evening of Wednesday 12th February 2020. He was rushed to hospital accompanied by his wife Anne and, in the absence of nearby family, our CIrcle President Ed. Once it was established as necessary, HasBex Brothers arranged for Fr. Tony Harris to attend and administer Last Rites. Anne and Ed remained with Richard until he passed just before 10.00 p.m. Final prayers were said including De Profundis and Anne and Ed then stayed with Richard and reminisced a small and very personal Wake.

Bro. Richard was a senior Accountant before retirement. He leaves a widow, Anne and three adult children.

Bro Richard had received his ‘40 year membership scroll’ from our then Provincial President, in January 2019.  Richard joined the Catenians some 41 years ago when he was enroled by Chichester Circle. His last visit as a Catenian was just the night before he died when he and and Anne visited Chichester Circle to celebrate its 800th meeting in the presence of our Bishop and the GBNC Grand President - perhaps a fitting and very neat end to Richard's membership of the Catenians in this life. Richard will be greatly missed.

When funeral details are known, they will be published here.



Who knew?

Is it true?

Is our Circle's president the REAL Santa?


We had a terrific Christmas party this year - ask anyone sober enough at the end to remember it.... and our President Bro. Ed turned up as Santa... or is it Santa who usually turns up as Brother Ed?


We are looking forward to next year and letters to Santa are already coming in....


Thank you to all that attended and to those who were particularly good sports. Thanks too to those who were in good voice for the Carols. 



Brother Clive Mackie passed away peacefuly on Monday 24th June 2019 following a short illness.


It was a brilliant evening and a successful celebration of fraternal visiting across Province 18 by Sussex Catenians - and hosted by Hastings & Bexhill (66) Circle. The 'Bill Gower Shield' was won for the fifth year in succession by Seaford Circle with Hastings & Bexhill Circle and Eastbourne Circle in joint second place. (Photos courtesy of Bro. Robert Mikolay of Seaford Circle.)


Although not unexpected, we are all very sad to learn that our very dear friend and Circle widow Judith has died. Her son Robert has sent the following:


"Dear Friends,
It is with much sadness that Judy passed away peacefully at home last Monday, 24 June. She dealt with the diagnosis of stomach cancer in 2018 in a practical and open way. Her sunny disposition did not leave her and she was very good at managing her diminishing energy levels. Since mid April our close family friend, Claire, acted as her excellent live-in carer. The Jude and Claire show went out and about and set up their gin palace at Rose Cottage!

Judy's health declined quite rapidly towards the end. However, she was still busy thinking of others and thanking them. We are all very proud of her."


Our friend Judith's funeral took place on Monday 29th July. Over 200 attended to mourn her passing but most of all, to celibrate Judith's life.


The event had its sad moments but more present than anything else was a true sense of friendship with Judith. Her loss does bring sadness. However, Judith said some months ago that there was not going to be a party held in her name that she would not attend - so she held her own wake long before she died. Judith could not be physically present at this post-funeral reception but she was very much present in the minds and hearts of all there.