Hastings & Bexhill Catenians

There have been Catenians in and around Hastings since 1922. There are around 10,000 men in the Catenian Association networking together, socialising and supporting each other in our Catholic faith and our daily lives. Catenians are a true fellowship. Age is not a barrier to joining the Catenians - young and old - Catenians and their wives and families  support each other in a true spirit of friendliness, trust, confidence and co-operation.

Our mutual Catholic faith is the bond that  keeps us together. 

For more information do tap a Catenian on the shoulder after Mass or simply call 07795 233908 or email: info@hasbex.org



In partnership with brother Catenians in the West Midlands and other Catholic friends, HasBex Catenians have begun to provide a much needed mentoring and assistance package for our Catholic communities aimed at helping young people gain employment as well as providing support and application refreshers for older people needing some help to get back in to the workplace.


Support and guidance in writing Targeted CV's, Targeted Covering Letters and preparing for Job Interviews as well as example materials is here - find these and much more at our FutureProof website...