Hastings & Bexhill Catenians

meet on the third Thursday of every month

We meet, we dine and we socialise

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There are thousands of Catenians in the UK and abroad.  Local Catenian membership is organised in ‘Circles’. Our Circle was founded in 1922. Our Catenian brotherhood (‘The Catenians’) was founded in 1908 and is made up of Catholic  professional men and their wives and families who meet socially.  Catenians help and encourage each other in the practise of our faith. Catenians support Vocations to the priesthood, the Diaconate and the Religious Life.



Many Catenian Circles have golf societies and other sports involvement. They may play Squash, Badminton, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Bowls, Darts, Bridge and much more... Locally, Catenians may hold quizzes, dances, go to theatres, cinemas, National Trust, wine, whisky and beer tastings, have weekends away and trips abroad. Catenians go to Mass as a group at least twice a year. Nationally they meet in great numbers for the Annual Catenian Conference and the National Catenian Golf Championship.


Catenians promise to support each other and Catenian widows in good times and bad. When such trouble is of a financial nature, we have our own Charity that helps members, their wives and widows. We also have a Catenian Bursary Scheme that provides funds to young Catholic people delivering qualifying charitable work anywhere around the world. 

Our Catenian Vocational initiatives at local, regional and national provide much needed funds and support to those pursuing Vocations or entering the religious life.